Saturday, March 19, 2011

Meet Fatum's Jake Holloway

Fatum: N  utterance| oracle; fate| destiny; natural term of life; doom| death| calamity

The setting of Fatum is as important  . . . as integral to the plot as the character's interactions.  So what better way to introduce Fatum, then to give you an inside look into our MC's room.

Jake's room is about ten by ten, the walls made of thee-inch concrete.  A steel reinforced door, that is too heavy to maneuver, blocks his room off from the hallway beyond.  A double, well-worn mattress rests on the floor, no sheets just a few stained quilts protecting him from the protruding springs.  Three empty milk crates double as his dresser and a storage closet for his ammunition. An old, wooden cable spool serves as a table where two mason jars of water and a half-empty can of rotten peaches sit.   There is a pile of holed jeans and gray t-shirts crumpled in the corner, his rain-washed socks hanging on the wall to dry.

On his sheet-less bed lays a baseball, smudged and well worn, a matching glove, and a journal. The floor is covered with pencil shavings and old newspapers.   Dead center of the room is a rusted-out half barrel, a smoldering fire just beginning to die out.  Next to that fire pit are three knives, two dull, one sharp and still resting on the stone he drew it across.  

So that about sums it up – the entire contents of our MC's room. Any idea who this kid is or why he is there?


  1. Wow! I'm really intrigued. I have no idea who the kid is. The Room construction leads me to believe he needs to feel protected there or he's imprisoned. Tell me more!

  2. I like the idea of your web site to support the book ... Best wishes!

  3. Wow! This is a very vivid description. Can't wait to read more.