About Us

Patricia Burgess Leaver was born with an imagination that couldn’t be restrained.  Chastised as a child for being a perpetual day-dreamer, Patricia has harnessed her love of all things creative and her experiences with troubled teens to compose stories about what it truly means to be an American teenager.  

She graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Social Work and attended Suffolk University School of Law.  Having dedicated time in the social service field as child advocate, Patricia has had the unfortunate opportunity of seeing some of the blacker shades of life and the honor of witnessing some of the most amazing stories of recovery and triumph.  She draws upon these experiences to weave stories that show the depth and courage of the human spirit in today’s youth.

Today, Patricia is a free-lance editor and a proud member of the SCBWI.  She resides on Cape Cod with her husband and three children.   Although she has officially hung up her hat as “Social Worker,” she still finds the time to advise and counsel local youth.

Lindsay Nicole Currie was born in the small town of Galesburg, Illinois.  She spent the majority of her childhood writing poems, journaling and scribbling down ideas on the palms of her hands.  As an adult, there’s still ink on her palms, but she now also boasts a writing area covered with post-it notes and index cards to supplement. 
She graduated from Knox College with a BA in English Literature and the firm understanding that whatever path she took in life, reading and writing would forever be a part of her. 
With a love of language and a passion for great fiction, making the decision to write seriously was a simple one.  Vivid memories of the teenage years, both beautiful and haunting fuel Lindsay’s desire to write for young adults.  The raw emotions and dizzying first romances of the teenage years are still huddled up in the corners of her mind, just waiting to be poured out into the next manuscript.
Lindsay lives in Chicago currently, with her husband and three beautiful children.  She is a member of SCBWI and an active parent in her children’s school.